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5 Ways To Drop Valentine’s Day Gift Hints

Posted on February 07 2018

 Author : Carolyn Gressman, Chicago, IL - 2/7/2018

Gift giving no matter the season can be stressful, especially  for Valentine’s Day, which is an intimate holiday, and the gift can make or break your day. Why not help the gift-giver by dropping a few hints so that you both have a great Valentine’s Day?

Gifts are personal and should be chosen based on the recipient’s interests and tastes I agree, and it doesn’t hurt to give that special someone a little nudge.


1. Bring it up in Conversation

“I don’t really need this but I love it.” This is a simple statement that many of us make while perusing a store or online shopping. It can also be a useful tool for telling your significant other how much you really want something but wouldn’t dare buy it yourself.

Another way to communicate a deep longing for a piece of jewelry is, “I wish I could get this but I can’t. I need to be responsible.” This phrase is truthful. Many of us think  that jewelry, makeup, and clothes are  luxuries that should be skipped when there are bills to pay--from gym memberships to brunch. But these supposed luxury items express who we are, and someone who loves you will want you to feel special by wearing a piece of jewelry that reflects your personality.


2. Look at Social Media Content Together!

Looking at Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest is usually a solitary activity, but when you’re on the couch with your loved one, why not look at funny memes or photos together to show what inspired you that day? Sharing social content can give your partner an idea what you like especially when it comes to style or jewelry. It’s a great way to casually show what you’d love to own that really beautiful necklace you saw (and pointed out) on Pinterest.

Here’s a great piece for Valentine’s Day to show to that special person what you’d love to have around your neck, discreetly, of course.


14K Gold Delicate Love Heart Necklace

14K Gold Delicate Love Heart Necklace


3. Get Your Friends in on It!

Sometimes outside help can get the message across. We all have that one bestie who knows all the details of our lives, and if your bad looks for help they’ll know to ask your pal what you’d consider the perfect gift. A good way to facilitate this communication is to  give your “co-conspirator” some ideas in advance! Or just wait until they text you that your honey has been asking for advice.  Either way its good to have a friend to be your spokesperson for any surprise decision-making!


4. Go Window Shopping! 

Find a weekend afternoon to go into quaint shops or markets! It could be fun and you can slip  your honey some ideas about the kinds of gifts you’d love. Perusing cute stuff for the home, the dog, or kids is great and part of the fun but why not stop at the fashion or jewelry department to gear your sweetheart in the right direction. You can use phrases such as, “I love this!” “Isn’t this cute?” “No, I would not like that.”  Plus, Valentine’s Day is about appreciating and celebrating  each other, and a window shopping day  might even give you some ideas about what to present to your “special someone” !

Shopping is always better with two pairs of eyes!

5. Celebrate your Way!

Make gift giving as unique as you are! Maybe this year you want to design a gift together or maybe you dislike surprises and want to be forthright about what you’d like to receive. It is important that you feel comfortable talking to your Valentine. That’s the best part about Valentine’s Day—it  is an intimate moment in a couple’s relationship. Regardless, you can  make the day stress free and and romantic. Enjoy the day your way!

Either way you commemorate the holiday—with a bit of bluntness or some carefully dropped hints—here at Maggie Richmond we celebrate love and with jewelry that makes everyone special!


Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers. xoxo

Carolyn G. 


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