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Arts of Life: Artist Spotlight “Its called looking good.”

Posted on May 04 2018

Author : Carolyn Gressman, Chicago, IL - 4/4/18



Caption: Susan Pasowicz


Depending on who’s looking at art, they could either love it or hate it.  Some might be on the fence about it. But for the most part the best way to tell if you like it or not is how it makes you feel.  When you walk into the Chicago Arts Of Life studio for the fist time you can feel an array of emotions. The stark white walls highlight the bright colors of the paintings, sculptures and videos. You can feel a great sense of passion for the organization from all those involved. And within one meeting of the artists you can see why this is such an important part of Chicago art. It was a great honor to speak with a resident artist that loves jewelry and uses it as a way of expression.

Susan Pasowicz wears a black jacket and black pants, a classic art studio look but she is known for wearing her beloved jewelry. She sits down with me to talk about her love for art and jewelry:


How long have you been working as an artist at the Arts of Life?

I don’t know, I don’t remember.

For a long time?

Yeah. A long time.

Why do you like Arts of Life?

It keeps me busy. I see friends.

What type of artwork do you do?

Color pencils, I draw anything that comes to my mind. Rainbow pictures, magic windows, and tunnels. 

Do you use a lot of colors?


What are your favorite colors?

Purple and hot pink.

What is your favorite type of jewelry?

Rings and bracelets.

Gold or Silver?


Do you like to get jewelry as a gift? Or buy your own jewelry?

Depends. Sometimes I buy them or sometimes I get them for Christmas, Easter, it all depends.

How much jewelry do you wear everyday?

I wear a lot maybe more than ten.

Why do you like wearing jewelry?

Because it is my thing. It is called looking good.




Susan is not the only amazing artist that you can find in the studio. The gallery, artists and those who run the Arts of Life are keeping this program alive with laughter, color, friendship, hard work and respect for the artists.

The Arts of Life, Inc. is a place where people with and without disabilities create an artistic culture to realize our full potential.  If you would like to volunteer, donate, or check out some events visit


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