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Celebrities Are Going Crazy For Gold Hoops

Posted on November 28 2017

If you’ve been following celebrity fashion trend, you should have noticed that celebrities are going crazy for gold hoops. Exploring different styles of gold earrings for women, more and more celebrities are joining in the hoop party. 14k gold hoops are hotter now than ever.

Hoops are competing as the new statement earrings on the red carpet, in all kinds of luxe versions from diamond color coated to encrusted opal slices. Hoops have been around for the longest time, occasionally adorned by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez both in season and out of season. It has recently seen a massive resurgence as it has a come a long way from the typical thin metal circle.

Hoops are the oldest earrings archaeologists ever discovered and have been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughout history. Sumerian women who lived in 2500 BC favoured the classic gold hoop style. All through the years and ages past and present, hoops have continued to evolve and grow as lovely gold earrings for women. The reason why hoops are trending again will not be far from the following:

  •        They are extremely adaptable in size to fit anyone's face shape as they have a beautiful way of framing the face.
  •        They are dependable and quintessential.
  •        They are definitely a foolproof, classic staple

    Little wonder that more celebrities are getting in line for this timeless classic. 14k gold hoops are at the top of the hoop list as gold earrings for women are just as timeless as hoops have been. Here is a list of celebrities who have made hoop earrings worth having in our jewelry boxes.

    Jennifer Lopez: All hail the queen of hoops.  She wore a pair of bold gold Samira hoop earrings by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry in her new music video for 'Amor Amor Amor'.

    Hailey Baldwin: Hailey wore 2 pairs of gold hoop earrings from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry at the launch event, demonstrating that wearing one pair of hoop earrings is never enough. She was also seen wearing an oversized pair of Vita Fede gold hoops at another occasion.

    Bella Hadid: She was seen wearing a mid-sized gold pair in Monte Carlo.

    Kendall Jenner: The Keeping up with the Kardashian’s reality star in double gold hoops just like Hailey Baldwin.

    Joan Smalls: She was wearing Michael Kors Collection gold hoop at the 2017 CFDA Awards in New York City on June 5, 2017.

    Adriana Lima: Was wearing gold hoop on vacation in Monaco on May 28, 2017.

    Emily Ratajkowski: Was wearing hold hoops in Montalcino, Italy, on June 4, 2017.

    Hailey Clauson: Adorned gold hoops Onset of a photo shoot ON June 1, 2017.

    The list goes on and it buttresses the fact that celebrities are going crazy for gold hoops. 14k gold hoops are extraordinary, beautiful and great gold earrings for women. Join the hoop party today, it promises to be a long happy ride.

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