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Holiday Celebrity Jewelry Trends

Posted on November 04 2017

As the holidays draw near, what more spells fun and edginess than contemporary designer jewelry pieces that play a major role in increasing your beauty as well as enhancing your elegance? Most of these pieces are made to complement your fashion, make loud statements and impress others on different occasions especially the formal ones. The best things about jewelry pieces are their differences in designs and materials. You can find 14k gold jewelry pieces that are encrusted with diamonds in necklaces, rings, ear cuffs that speak excellence and class. Listed below are 5 celebrity holiday jewelry trends that stand out and capture the holiday spirit.

  • Single earrings

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie have made this contemporary designer jewelry piece more popular. It has been listed as a holiday trend as they make you look and attract more attention. Decorating one ear with the single earring trend is not a first timer and has certainly come to stay. 14k gold statement Single earrings are amazing. Remember, if you have to do it on just one ear, make sure you slay!

  • Ear cuffs

Statement ear cuffs are fast becoming contemporary designer jewelry pieces. It depicts fun and youthfulness as they give catchier and stunning ears. Being a 1990s comeback, they decorate a larger part of the ears and can be a great wear with or without the traditional earrings. Most celebrities adorn either the piercing and non-piercing ear cuffs in 14k gold jewelry pieces that suits perfectly and make them look gorgeous.

  • Multilayered necklaces

Multilayered necklaces are trendy, comfortable, and bold. Most celebrities wear this contemporary designer jewelry pieces in 14k gold that complement almost any formal and comfortable fashion styles. They can be worn with or without small pendants but in large number and multiple layers. Great and trendy for the holidays and gorgeously adorns for almost any kind of occasion.

  • Multiple rings on one hand

Multiple rings right now speak the loudest. It has ‘almost’ become a fashion must. Celebrities love this contemporary designer jewelry trend as it gives them catchy hands. Growing steadily to become a big jewelry trend, if not the biggest yet, multiple rings on one hand seems to be taking the centre stage and plans to be here for a long time. They are a holiday trend and are better worn simple but with class. Simple ring designs in 14k gold jewelry all worn on one hand speaks style, fun and class. Whether you opt for large or small rings, shiny or colored, you can create a catchy combination to increase the beauty of your hands.

  • Choker necklaces

Chokers are huge and have reinvented comebacks every now and then. It is a fun, young and edgy trend that have been making huge appearances at different fashion shows such as Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Antonio Marras. It is a huge holiday trend that is comfortable, gorgeous and comes in various contemporary designs and materials. Chokers have been here and we see it still here for the longest time.


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