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Hugh Hefner...

Posted on October 02 2017

Hugh Hefner passed away last week and the media buzz is loud. Hefner should be acknowledged for his advocacy of free speech and LGBTQ+ rights as well as the Playboy Foundation’s support for research on sexuality. But Hefner also coopted the so-called sexual revolution, which in the end did little to benefit women, by objectifying and exploiting women’s bodies for profit. Thus his legacy is mixed, and as we at Maggie Richmond reflect on it, one of the lessons that emerges is that women are more than the sum of their body parts. They are intelligent, industrious, and shoulder tremendous responsibility in their families and communities. Maggie Richmond values women’s endeavors and believes that they should be acknowledged in gold. That’s why we created an affordable, yet luxurious line of stylish 14k gold designer jewelry. Reward yourself today with an elegant piece that is keepsake quality.


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