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Joan Jett Fashion Throwback Thursday

Posted on August 16 2018

joan jett


 Author : Brittany Summers, 8/16/2018

Let’s talk fashion! Ever wonder where the classic boss accessories came from? One of them, the ubiquitous bomber jacket, is now a wardrobe staple in almost everyone’s closet thanks to Joan Jett’s badass love for leather. In the 1970s, Joan Jett claimed the tough-girl black leather jacket for her own, rocking it like no one else could. That we still don this power look demonstrates that Joan Jett’s woman-strong attitude is timeless, and she transcends all!

If lace-up combat boots, Beetle Juice pants and a bomber jacket with a crop top doesn’t scream Rockstar, I don’t know what will! It was never just the type of clothes Joan Jett wore, but how she wore them! She knew who she was and what she loved: music and the freedom to be herself. That confidence and intense self-awareness is what made her standout attitude: she was authentic no matter what other people thought about it.

With her smoky eyes, studded leather belt, bomber jacket, sequin top and wailing guitar Joan Jett was ahead of her time. Her signature look was the jumpsuit in bright reds or oranges or her favorite, black leather. The commonplace bell-bottom jeans and brightly colored, tucked-in top, and little heals that women wore to vacuum the house and carpool the kids were not for her. Instead, Joan Jett bucked mainstream 1970s fashion, exchanging the era’s tame, stay-at-home-mommy style for macho leather and guitar. Additionally, she always wore an eye-catching belt to accentuate her tiny waist, drawing attention to her ultra-femme shape. The effect was amazing if not mesmerizing.

Joan Jett forever changed the genre of rock and roll for women all around the world, paving the way in her trendy jumpsuits and classy leather jacket! This incredible woman not only rocked music but women’s fashion, too! Get in touch with your “inner Joan Jett,” rock that attitude, and be who you are, no matter what!


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