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What To Get That Special Someone For Valentine's Day

Posted on January 18 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Author : Caroline Kearns, Chicago, IL - 1/18/2018

The day of hearts, flowers, candies, and jewels is almost upon us—what, may you ask, should you get for that special someone in your life? It’s often easy to go overboard on Valentine’s Day and unintentionally send the wrong message with a gift that’s either too extravagant or not thoughtful enough. Fear not, the team at Maggie Richmond has handpicked some pieces that scream everything from “be my Valentine” to “tie me down and slap me silly” or, dare we say,  “I love you!”


Now, I’m a bit of a cynic, so hearts and candies are certainly not the way to my heart—but there are many women out there who love the sometimes “cheesiness” of Valentine’s Day. As such, I will be looking at both traditional and non-traditional pieces that convey whatever message you wish to send to your significant other and/or favorite person. The main categories we will be looking at are anchors, infinity symbols, arrows, hearts, and a few wildcards that send the message of love. As always, Maggie Richmond is proud to offer our jewelry in 14k gold, so no matter what you chose, you can never go wrong with the gift of gold!


Anchors are always a safe yet meaningful choice when it comes to a Valentine’s gift—they convey the simple thought, “you are my anchor.” What partner doesn’t want to hear that! I’ve picked two special anchor pieces that are delicate, fashion forward, and easy to combine with your everyday pieces. The first, a necklace that pays homage to the classic anchor style, epitomizes elegant simplicity. The added beauty of this first pick, is that your significant other can literally keep you close to their heart at all times. The second piece, a bolo bracelet with anchor detail, is a bit more fashion forward. This bracelet will still convey the intended thoughtful message while remaining interesting and unique—your loved one will certainly receive many compliments and questions regarding this piece.



anchor pendant necklace

14K Yellow Gold Love Anchor Pendant Necklace

anchor bracelet

14K Yellow Gold Sideways Love Anchor Adjustable Bolo Bracelet



The infinity symbol is an obvious choice conveying the intent to spend eternity together.  I’ve chosen two of our favorite bolo-style bracelets that are delicate yet make a statement. The first piece, a more traditional infinity symbol of a figure eight is perfect for the classic woman, while the second shows two interlocked rings to convey infinity in a fresher, trendsetting fashion. These pieces are a no brainer and great for new or established relationships.


infinity bracelet

interlocked love ring bracelet

When I see arrows, I think cupid. “You have hit me with the arrow of love,” and all that jazz. Furthermore, while the arrow conveys love, it doesn’t necessarily have to. These pieces in particular are great for fledgling relationships because they are not quite as overtly love-oriented. The first necklace is a two-tone, yellow and white gold bow and arrow. What says you’ve captured my heart better than that!? Next I have chosen to highlight a pair of petite arrow post earrings. These are something small that neither break the bank nor make too loud a statement. I would say of all options I’ve featured today, these are my top pick to convey a heartfelt message without necessarily screaming a romantic “I love you.” Lastly, we have a beautiful two-tone arrow ring. I absolutely love this piece and wear it all the time myself. However, rings can be a tricky Valentine’s gift: duh, duh, duh, duh * *cues wedding bells* *. Never fear, Maggie Richmond does not ship rings in ring boxes, so this could still be a very fashion forward and thoughtful gift.

14K Two Tone Bow & Arrow Love Necklace

14K Two Tone Bow & Arrow Love Necklace


14K Gold Flying Love Arrow Delicate Post Earring


14K Gold Two Tone Bypass Love Arrow Ring

14K Gold Two Tone Bypass Love Arrow Ring

For the traditionalist, Valentine’s Day means hearts, hearts, hearts. As such, I have selected two heart pieces that are simple and beautiful. While I personally am not sold on heart jewelry, there are many women out there who simply adore it – so let's indulge. The first item we will look at are small heart post earrings. Similar to the post earrings above, these are petite and simple; yet clearly convey the emotion of love or “you are my heart.” Second, we have a fashion-forward bolo necklace with a heart as the lariat. This piece does not overtly scream heart, yet will speak to your love and devotion while giving that special someone a unique piece on which she will certainly receive many compliments.

14K Gold Delicate Love Heart Stud Earring


14K Yellow Gold Lariat Necklace with Love Heart

14K Yellow Gold Lariat Necklace with Love Heart

Lastly, we have three items that are two of my favorites for Valentine’s Day, perfect for the trend-setting lover, as they do not fit any one of the categories above. First we have a double-chained necklace with “XO.” This simple piece clearly conveys the Valentine’s Day attitude without screaming the cliché “I love you.” Next is a fun charm necklace with an anchor, a heart, and a key. This combines many of the love elements we’ve discussed throughout this blog. Tell your loved one they are your anchor and hold the key to your heart. The final piece for today is a charm bracelet with a forever lock and heart key. Tell your special someone they hold the key to your heart forever, what says eternal love and Valentine’s Day more than that!


14K Yellow Gold Love XO Layered Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Love XO Layered Necklace


14K Yellow Gold Heart, Anchor, Key Charm Love Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Heart, Anchor, Key Charm Love Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Key & Lock Forever Love Charm Bracelet


We at Maggie Richmond hope this buyers’ guide helps you navigate the sometimes-overwhelming waters of Valentine’s Day shopping. The first step is deciding what message you wish to convey to that special person in your life. Once that’s been decided, this blog should help guide you to the right piece. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece for every occasion, so keep in touch! Subscribe to our updates to stay in the know!




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