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Thanksgiving with #MR

Posted on November 17 2016

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Style with Jewelry from Maggie Richmond

Usually we associate Thanksgiving with turkey, pumpkin pie, and cranberry dressing, and these foods are indeed traditional at the Thanksgiving feast.  But the first Thanksgiving celebration in what is now the United States was not in Plymouth in 1621, and that’s a good thing for jewelry lovers because Puritan women rarely wore accessories. 

Spanish colonizers actually had the first thanksgiving service and repast in Saint Augustine, Florida in 1565. Less austere than the Puritans, Spanish women were likely to have worn brilliantly colored glass beads as well as amulets fashioned from white quartz, red agate, or carnelian. Additionally, they probably carried rosaries from Spain that were crafted from jet or other minerals. Native Americans who partook in the festivities adorned themselves with jewelry comprised of beads they got through trade with the Spanish and shells and other natural materials.  The style of these ornaments was inspired by flora, fauna, and other elements in the physical world. 

Let’s make jewelry a new Thanksgiving tradition. At Maggie Richmond we offer our sentimental collection perfect for sharing the message of love and appreciation this holiday season. 


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