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Maggie Richmond (MR) is a luxurious gold jewelry brand for the “girl boss.” The company was founded to empower today’s women to express themselves through their accessories.  The name Maggie Richmond evokes my grandmother, a classy lady who valued education, strength, love and determination. Who better to name a company after than a woman who knew “the future was female” before “girl power” was even a thing?

My goal is to scout and curate innovative jewelry styles made of precious metals and other high quality materials for the Maggie Richmond family.  When I pour my heart and soul into a collection, I want it to be a piece that will be cherished and valued rather than flashy fast-fashion that does not pass the test of time.

 She is the new #MR


_____________ makes my life #rich.

About the Founder:Maggie Richmond Founder


My name is Addie, and I am Chicago girl living in LA who has a passion for jewelry. Over the past few years I’ve worked throughout the US as a jewelry buyer for companies that specialize in both fine and fashion jewelry. I started in the jewelry industry after graduating from college and since then I’ve grown to adore the jewelry grind. I cannot imagine a career more suited to my personality. Now I am bringing you my hand picked assortment so that you can share the joy that beautiful jewelry gives me!

The Maggie Richmond brand gives you a glimpse into my friendships and style—with a twist of beauty and art added for flavor! All of the store’s features are inspired by my adventures traveling the world, including Russia, Belarus, Germany, India and more. As I ventured to new places, visiting old friends and making new ones, I accumulated a treasure trove of stories and ideas that shape this store's imagery and design. Please take a moment to check out each aspect of the website and the tale it tells to learn about the fascinating, creative people and experiences that have influenced my life and will inspire you, too.


Value the #riches in life and don’t forget to have fun! #MRadventures


Hobbies: Girl-boss, dance, puppies, bikes, yoga, travel and JEWELRY!

Fun Goal: Laugh everyday






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